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Protidin Lifestyle : Only good quality shampoo in hair care is not enough, use conditioner. Conditional hair keeps P Balance Balance. Helps keep the hair soft and bright. But if you can not buy it from the outside of the house, it will be more effective. Some simple components of the kitchen can make your hair do great conditioning. Let’s know-

Curd and egg conditioner
This conditioner will work extraordinary on the hairdressing hair. It will keep the hair follicles right. An extra sign will give hair.

Take an egg white and 5 spoons of yogurt. Whisk the egg white Now add yogurt to it. Mix well so that a smoked mixture is made. Apply it lightly to the hair Apply this conditioner just 15 minutes before shampoo. After 15 minutes, wash hair and shampoo. Do two days a week for one month. See your hair will be fascinated by yourself!

Eggs and Olive Olive Oil
This conditioner will keep hair conditioning, and also hold hair moisturizer. Helps keep hair on the seni.

Take an egg yolks, 2 spoons olive oil and some water. Eat the egg yolks well. Give a day olive oil and a little water. Mix well. Now add this smoother mixture to the whole hair.

Apply this mixture half an hour before bathing, then wash hair with a mild shampoo. But do not use hot water on the hair. Hair will get its lost brightness back.

Coconut oil and honey conditioner
Coconut oil is a great conditioner. There are vitamins and fatty acids. Which is hairy and conditioned inside the hair.

Take 2 spoons of coconut oil and 1 spoon of honey. Melt the coconut oil. Mix honey in it. Then apply this mixture perfectly to the hair. Wash after 10 to 15 minutes. The hair will be beautiful.

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