The home remedy for ear pain

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Protidin Health Desk : Ear pain is very painful. In addition to entering water in the ears, there may be acute pain in the ears due to bacterial attack, allergies, cold, pain in the ears, fungus, acne in the ear, etc. Do not try to get comfort by inserting fingers or cotton buds in the ear. In the meantime, some domestic ways can be adopted.

Hot vapor:
The warmth of the water can be of great help. So take hot water in a bottle or hot bag or a cotton slim cloth in hot water and hold it close to the ear. If the hot vapor is in the ear, the blood circulation increases in the ear and the pain of the ear will be relieved.

Garlic and Sesame Oil:
Antibiotics present in garlic do great work in relieving the pain of bacterial attack in the ear. 2 tablespoons of sesame oil, 1 teaspoon of whisked garlic and 2/3 minutes. Let the oil cool down with the juice. If the oil is cold, give 2/1 drops of oil in the ear. Pain will be reduced.

Recovery of antinflammatory material, which is effective in reducing ear pain. In that case, ginger should be sprayed in the juice of 2/3 drops of fresh juice. It will relieve the pain. Ginger also provides relief in sour oil by giving it oil in the ear.

Olive Oil:
At first, the olive oil will be heated in the ear, with a 3/4 drops dropper, while the yolk is hot. This can be easily released from ear infections pain.

However, these methods are temporary. Ear sensitive organs. So, if there is any problem in ear, it is best to go to the doctor quickly.

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