Thanakuni leaves medicinal quality!

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Protidin Health Desk : Many of us know the Thanakuni page. In the village, where there is a lot of quality in this tree, there is a lot of negativity.
Thuncuni ras contains many useful minerals and vitamins for the body. Thanakuni is very effective to cure many diseases.

Where to get it
The beneficial this herbal plant is usually grown in the environment of dampness. So, there is more than Thakuni, near Pukurpar or water body. These pages are found in the rural areas around the house, on the side of the street or on the vineyards of the field, small stars. Thanquni page is also available in the city markets.

1. Thanquni’s matching fair to keep the body healthy. It helps to remove body toxin. For this, Khan’s juice mixed with honey and mixed it with honey.

2. Thanquni leaves can be used to get solution for gastric problems. Therefore, make a mixture of 250 grams of candy and a small amount of medicinal leaf juice mixed with half liter of milk. Then take a little bit of that mixture and start eating it every morning.

3. Thanakuni leaves help to increase digestion.

4. Than Kuna leaves do great work to remove dandruff. In this case, you will have to drink the juice from the thanakuni leaves in the empty stomach every morning.

5. Than Kuna leaves do great work to reduce fever. For this reason, drinking 1 teaspoon of Thanakuni and 1 spoonful of juicy leaf juice, it is best to have some fever in the early stomach.

6. Thanakuni leaves help to heal wounds.

7. Thakkuni has a great ability to reduce cough. In this case, two tablespoons of chickenpox mixed with sugar mixed with a little sugar and cough reduces.

8. Thanquni plays a great role in enhancing the beauty of the skin. Amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids and phytochemicals present in the Thanquni leaf play a special role in reducing nutritional deficiencies in the skin as well as reducing the bleeding.

9. Thanakuni leaves reduce hair fall. It will take a lot of Thanquni leaves and it will be smashed. After that, make a paste by mixing it with tulsi leaves and amaliki. Finally put the paste on the hair and wait 10 minutes to shampoo.

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