There is no scope for accidents in Ruppur project – Science and Technology Minister in Pabna

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News Desk:  ‘Core Catcher’, the second unit of Rooppur nuclear power project, has been set up.

On Friday morning, the second unit of the project was inaugurated by Science and Technology Minister Yafesh Osman.

Before the installation of the nuclear reactor, it is the last step of the last step experts say.

Project Synthesis in the discussion of the inauguration ceremony, Core Catcher is the largest device in the project so far.

Because of its automatic security, its activities will not depend on any person.  Although there will be no accidents, radioactivity will not come out.

Science and Technology Minister Yeafesh Osman said at the inauguration that the technology used in the Rooppur project is in no danger of accidents.

Even then, the Core Catcher is being installed without any deficiency in security.  It will take six months to install Core Catcher.

The minister further said, “External expression of love and affection of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is to establish ‘Core Catcher’ in Ruppur project.

Maybe it’s not necessary to use this core cracker anytime – we think so.  ‘Core Catcher’ is being set up to meet the maximum cost of nuclear power.

He also said that our absolute friend in the war of liberation is Russia.  This Russia has again stepped up to accelerate our development activities.  So we should not forget the Russians in any way.

He said that six million people of the country will enjoy electricity from this plant.

In the chairmanship of Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Mahbubul Haque, in the inauguration ceremony, Vice Chancellor of BUET and Vice-Chancellor of Ahsanullah Science and Technology University and Professor AMM Shafiullah, President of High Performance Monitoring Committee, Rooppur Project, said,

According to design, activities are being properly edited with quality goods in the project.  The country will now go much further in the new employed young engineers and scientists who have got the opportunity to work on this project.

Project Director Dr.  Shawkat Akbar said satisfactory work progress, according to the ongoing construction work guide lines of the first and second units are going on.

Russia’s Strategic Project Director (AS) Russian project director Uriak Kusilov said that Core Catcher was being set up a month before the scheduled time.

Power Grid Company Advisor Rabindranath Roy Chowdhury also spoke on the occasion while member of Atomic Energy Control Authority M Mozammel Haque

ASE Vice President and Russian Project Director of Rooppur Project Sergei Lashchokin said, “It is one of the main components of automated security;  Which are being set up in the second unit of the project.  This is the device or equipment used in the construction of the project, this is the largest device installed on the project.

Core cottage activities started in the second unit from April 27th.  In the first unit, the installation of Core Catcher was started on August 18, 2018.

With the help of Russian financial and technical assistance, the Rooppur nuclear power project has two units of 1200 megawatt production capacity each.

The world’s most modern third-generation VVER-1200 reactors are being installed in the units.  Each unit has a capacity of 1200 megawatt.  Power will be available from this project by 2023 and 2024

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