Opening 15 new trains, take a look at the routes that are going on

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M.A.Sayed(Tonmoy)  : Owner of importers: 220 coaches of imported sailors will reach the country this year.  Besides, considering the possibility of hiring 20 engineers from India, the railway authorities are considering.  These coaches and engines will start 15 new trains within a few months.  Confirming the matter, Railway’s Additional Director General (Rolling Stock) Shamuzzaman said.

The engine could cost 30 thousand rupees per day if rented from India, said Shamazzaman.  He also said that many countries in the world have an example of leasing engines.  Discussions are being discussed at the government level of the two countries.  There is also the possibility of getting the engine without rent.  Besides, orders have been issued for import of engines from other countries including South Korea.  Indian engine will be refunded if the desired engines are returned to the country by 2020.

The schedule can not be kept in running trains running by expired engines.  Many times the engine is becoming dehydrated.  In the eastern and western part of the railway, 2,299 kilometers of railways run only 352 passenger trains with 273 engine engines.  Railway man working with the challenge to ensure the maximum passenger service in the Rail manpower and engine shortage.  Nurul Islam Sujon.  He said, not only empty promises, but also to increase the passenger service including new train crews and do everything necessary to ensure security.

Railway minister said, in this year we will have enough passenger coaches in our hands.  These coaches have taken initiatives to run at least 15 new trains.  That’s why everyone wants cooperation.  If the implementation of the ongoing development project and 30-year masterpiece is implemented, there will be radical changes in the railways.

Project Director of ‘250 Passenger Coach’  Harun-Ar-Rashid said 33 out of 50 passenger coaches of the latest technology from Indonesia came.  The remaining 17 coaches will be added to the railway fleet on 15th of this month.  These coaches can run at least three new trains.  On the other hand, 200 meter gauge passenger barges will start coming from June.  In all, all coaches will be added to the railways this year.

It is known that in the few months, the new trains will be introduced in two fast trains on Dhaka-Panchagarh, Dhaka-Benapole route.  At the same time, three more new trains will be run on Dhaka-Sylhet, Sylhet-Chittagong, Dhaka-Chittagong route.  Three new trains will be connected to Dhaka-Jamalpur route.  Besides, a few short-range new trains will be introduced in the adjacent districts of Dhaka.

Railway’s Additional Director General (Operations) Miajahan said, the passenger of the railway is increasingly increasing.  Last year, the number of passengers was about 10 million  This year will increase further.  As a result, there is no alternative to increasing trains to new trains and running trains.  Steps have been taken to introduce bullet and electric trains to increase passenger services and meet demand.

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