Politics from school life, I have never thought of terms: Prime Minister

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 M.A.Sayed(Tonmoy): The Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said that the student was involved in politics since life but never wanted a position, did not think of the post and was never in a big post.

On Friday (May 17th), he said these things during the exchange of greetings with the leaders and workers of the Awami League and the associate organization on the occasion of the returning day of Sheikh Hasina’s daughter Sheikh Hasina.

The Prime Minister said, I was involved in politics since school days.  Then went to college. Then I was a member of BCL unit.  My politics starts from the student politics.  But I was never in a big post, never wanted to post.

Sheikh Hasina said when I was at Dhaka University I was a member of the Dhaka University Committee.  Never thought about terms, I did not want the position.  We created the post and kept this responsibility for the position of everyone.

On August 15, 1975, Bangabandhu said that after the death of Bangabandhu, he was elected as the president of Awami League in exile, said Bangabandhu daughter said, 75 I would have taken such a big responsibility that I did not think it was, I did not want it, it was not a thought.

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader, along with the top leaders of the party, greeted the Prime Minister with flowers.  Besides, the top leaders of Awami League’s associate organization also greeted the Prime Minister on the occasion of the returning home of the country.

Bangabandhu’s daughter, Sheikh Hasina, returned home on August 15, 1975, when she returned from exile in foreign countries for many years abroad after the country’s father died in August 1975.  He was elected as Awami League president while coming back home.

Since then, he has been serving as the President of Awami League of the oldest political organization of Bangladesh for 38 years.

After the formation of Awami League in 1996, one term and three years since the formation of government in 2009, Sheikh Hasina has been serving as the Prime Minister of 4 times in Bangladesh.

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