The way to keep the liver healthy

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Protidin Health Desk : Liver disease is increasing in the world. The doctors are also afraid. In most cases, due to some of their bad habits and mistakes we bring liver disease. We should be able to learn how to keep liver good. It is possible to stay away from the liver’s disease when it is a little cautious. There are some rules to comply with the liver-

Many people chose supplements for themselves without consulting doctors or nutritionists. We do not remember the liver then. So be careful when eating protein or vitamin supplements. Pick supplements that lever detoxify.

Several pennykillers have a direct preoccupation with the liver. Tylenol or cholesterol drugs also damage the liver. So do not treat yourself to become a doctor.

Many people find their release in food or alcohol, due to stress or depression. Practice this practice quickly. To keep the liver healthy, drink alcohol or food at the time of strokes, absolutely not. This time the digestion is not exactly the same. Day after day to do this, but the liver will tell.

Many people made their own diet as happy. Artificial insertion of artificial sugar, which is extremely harmful, is added to the diet to remove fat. Remember, fat is also needed in the body. Just eat, get advice from nutritionists Manu Satu Diet Rather keep olive, walnut diet. This is a healthy fat.

The toxin can be removed from the body, the liver will be as healthy. Drink water with potato juice in hot water several times a day. Keep in the diet probiotics such as pectin.

Drop alcohol as soon as possible. Liver damage also affects daily alcohol consumption. Drinking in our country is not always the liver’s friend. Store the toxin in the liver, and do not allow them to dry inside the body.

Do not agree to diet or increase the intake of at least vegetables. Keep your pocket Exclude red mix, alcohol If you want to eat red meat at some time, try to buy meat for two days a week. Drink water according to your body’s needs. Liver toxin will be free.

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