IPhone designer Johnny is leaving Apple

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Protidin Int.Desk : British citizen Sir Johnny Aiv has been working to make Apple the world’s most valuable company for more than two decades. She left Apple and would spend time to build herself an institution herself.

IMAX, iPod and iPhone designer Sir Jonathan (Johnny Iv) will leave Apple later this year.

He will start working as a creative firm named Lovefram. Interestingly, Apple is going to be the first subscriber of the firm itself.

Apple boss Tim Cook said his role in Apple’s revival was unparalleled. But the news about Johnny Ive came at a time when tech giant Apple was going to make some big changes.

Retail major Angela Ahrents has left the company in April and investors have also raised concerns about the decrease in iPhone sales.

Sir Jonathan said in a statement that after working for a number of projects for thirty years, I am proud to work with a nice design.

Meanwhile, there are no detailed details about his new firm Lovefram. However, the California-based company will be working with a special technology.

In a newspaper interview, Sir John Aiv has reported his departure from Apple.

There he said that Apple’s colleague Mark Nixon is also going to join him. He said that the new organization will do much more than its design. Sir Jonathan joined the Apple Design Student in 1996. The condition of the company was bad and the workers were still running pruning.

In 1998, Apple launched its journey to the Sunbeam by its designated iMac. He brought the iPod in 2001 and he also had an elegant business.
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