Human trafficking behind business

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Protidin Int.Desk : Berlin’s Asian Food Market is becoming a gulf of human trafficking. German police investigations revealed that information. In this process, minors are being more victims of human trafficking.

German authorities believe that human traffickers are doing this from the Asian Food Market on the Berlin border. This group is being organized by hundreds of minors from Vietnam to Western Europe.

Investigating officials of public broadcaster Arbbi24 said that the organized crime ring is using Dong Juan Center for their work. This center is basically a wholesale market. 250 business people from different Asian countries are doing business in this center. Under him, the crime cycle is coming from Poland, Russia, and the Baltic countries in Germany.

German customs office spokesman Michael Bender said that the human traffickers have evidence to bring the minors illegal to Germany.

Trafficking Networks
An officer at the border with Poland on 4bb 24 said that smugglers have taken at least 10 to 15 thousand euros to bring one in Germany. After entering Germany, they understood the meaning. He said that sometimes he was forced to engage in various criminal activities of accepting trafficking to pay huge debts.

Vietnam’s orphanage or the country’s street girl – which is possible to bring in Germany After this they have done various criminal acts in western Europe, said a senior investigation officer unwilling to disclose the name.

The prosecution of human trafficking in Poland’s Poznan city is underway. One of the traffickers here said that he was brought with the promise of working in Europe. In return, his grandmother wrote to the traffickers in his village house.

Modern Slavery
The lawyer in Poland stood in court and said they were brought from a very poor family, even traffickers targeting the orphanage. Many of those who come with them disappear. A report from Taggeshipel said that there are four dozen minors in Vietnam who have been missing in Berlin since 2012.

Federal police launched a campaign in Dong Juan center, known as Little Hanoi in 2011, for human trafficking. Several papers were seized from there. The seized documents show that they were made to fake people until they got married in Germany from Vietnam to Germany.

Source: PNS

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