Messi did not get angry in Messi

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Protidin Sports Desk : After the dream of winning the title in the current Copa América, Argentina’s Lionel Messi achieved a disappointment in the third place-fixing match.

After 14 years he has been seen red card for the second time. Messi saw his first red card in his debut match in Argentine Jersey in 2005. Like the service, he has been a victim of a wrong decision.

In the 37th minute of the match in Corinthiás Erica, Messi had a clash with Chile’s defender Gary Medal, putting the ball into the wall of Paolo Diabla in the ball. Messi was beaten, but Messi was unhappy.

Nevertheless, according to the referee, Messi encouraged him to foil and hit with his head, Messi showed Messi a red card with a medal. As a result, the two parties became ten. Argentina won the match by Sergio Aguero and Paolo Diabla 2-1 in the final.

Meanwhile, the Argentine captain Lionel could not cool his anger even after the match. The referee’s wrong decision did not go out of the dressing room after the match. The locker roomy took him captive. When the whole team was going out to be the third prize, then Messi was absent.

Although initially not understood because of this, then the media has opened its own mouth in the media, a small magician Messi did not go out to take rewards for the worst referendum. At the time, he said important things about the final.

Messi said, “We do not want to be part of such corruption. Referred throughout the tournament was very bad. Unfortunately, I can see now that Brazil will win this year’s title. The referee or VER will not have to do anything in the final match. ‘

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