Tongue, ears trying to be a bird

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Protidin Lifstile : People do not have much to do with this goddess of love. This hobby has sometimes brought people world-wide fame, and the human race has drowned people in the abyss. Nevertheless, human hobbies are hobbies. Every man has different hobbies that gives him new identity to everyone. Similarly, a person named Wakey Ted Richards (56), who had cut his tongue and raised his tongue to fulfill his desire to be a bird, grew up. United Kingdom of Birdy Richards News of the Mirror

Mirror says that this bird bird in the UK used to work in a shoe factory in his personal life. After retiring from the job, he traveled around the world in search of birds. Since 2007, she started decorating birds in her own house as well as her own. His wife Stella already started to sort herself into a bird.

If you want to see yourself as a bird; In the six-hour operation, doctors cut ears from Richard’s body. And through special surgery, he has made the ball bigger. Looking for a surgeon who is now able to bend his nose like a bird.

Some of the 110 tattoos on the ears cut, grow nose, and put on them, but some have criticized him. However, Richards just made the argument behind his ears.

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