DU students give death certificate to death

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M.A.Sayed(Tonmoy) : General students of Dhaka University (DU) gave a memorandum to the President demanding exemplary punishment of the rapists.

On Thursday (July 11th) a few students of the university went to Bangabhaban and gave the memorandum.  The President’s Press Secretary accepted the memorandum.

At the time, the students presented two points for demanding exemplary punishment of rapists.  They are: The Tribunal is formed in 30 working days by ending the trial and execution of capital punishment for rapists The students who went to Bangabhaban to give a memorandum to the President are: Ishaat Kasafia Ira, Maksuda Aktar Tama, Jaysmin Shanta and Sabrina Tabasum Nithia.


Ishaat Kasafia told the media that rape has increased, it has now become a threat.  Due to rape the government’s development is fading.  About half of the population is women.  Due to these women’s risks, sustainable development is not possible.


He said, “When a rape occurs, we forget about another rape.  But when exemplary punishments, the rapists will be judged;  Then they will not have the courage to do this.  For example, he mentioned that exemplary punishments have reduced acid thrombosis.


DU student Jaisamin Shanta said, the situation of the past six months has made us panic.  Earlier it was only rape.  But now killing after rape.  The rape of children from zero to 12 years of age has seriously affected us.  We thought we should speak as a Dhaka University student.  Others look forward to the University of Dhaka.  We opened an event on Facebook and received huge response.

The Prime Minister will also write a memorandum on Thursday for the same demand, he said.

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