Importance of export products should be given the highest : PM

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Protidinnews  Desk : The Prime Minister said this while addressing the inauguration of National Textile Day 21 and Textile at Bangabandhu International Conference Center this morning.

The Prime Minister said, “Although the design and color of the garment is dependent on the needs of the buyers, Bangladesh should take its own initiative to explore the new market and demand the fashion and design of the clothing items in the market. It is essential to diversify our production by maintaining consistency with them (clothing design and color production based on customer demand and finding new markets). ”

Informing the manufacturers that there should be short-term, medium-term and long-term plans, Sheikh Hasina said, “I hope you will adopt such a national plan. We will provide all kinds of assistance. ‘

The Prime Minister urged the entrepreneurs to take initiative by mentioning that Bangladesh sells garment items at very low prices, so that international buyers, at least to some extent, raise prices.

Sheikh Hasina said, “If buyers increase the price of each cloth by US $ 1, we can improve the sector.”

She also raised the issue of giving more money to Bangladesh garments during her visit to different countries as the Prime Minister.

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi, Minister of State for Labor and Employment Begum Manjujan Sufian, Mirza Azim Lokmana, Minister of Textile and Jute Ministry and Minister of Textiles and Jute spoke among others at the inaugural function chaired by Golam Dastagir Gazi.

Last year was the first National Textile Day to be celebrated in the country but today the main program has been organized.

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