Sheikh Hasina is the light of our day : President

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Protidinnews Desk : Speaking at the winter session of the National Assembly, President Abdul Hamid said that the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the successor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the visionary nation of developed and prosperous Bangladesh, is the light on our journey. Modern welfare-oriented modern Bangladesh is a development and astonishment of the present world, under many strong obstacles and conspiracies under its leadership.

This was stated by the President at a session of Parliament on Thursday (January 5th).

The President said, “Bangladesh is a role model of development in all socio-economic indicators. Our outline of departure is also precise. Continuing success in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will make Bangladesh a middle-income country, and the journey of the ‘Rupalpak-2021’ is a path forward.

He further said, “The government’s efforts to ensure the good governance of the country and the participation of the people from grassroots to national level in the practice of democracy and practice of development, despite hundreds of adversities, obstacles and hostility.” The brave children of history have given away an independent country in exchange for millions of lives. Our responsibility is to accelerate the progress of this country and nation. In order to uplift the glorious freedom gained in exchange for the blood of three million martyrs and to keep the consciousness of the War of Liberation free from corruption, terrorism, drugs and terrorism are completely eradicated from the country.

The Bangali people have to work more united to build ‘Sonar Bangla’ of Bangabandhu’s dream for the establishment of the society.

Speaking at the commencement of the speech, the President said, “It is a matter of great pleasure and honor for me to deliver the speech in the first session of the 11th Parliament of 2021. I am grateful to the Most Merciful Allah for having the opportunity to fulfill this constitutional duty of addressing the Parliament. On this occasion, I extend to you and the Honorable Members of Parliament and dear countrymen the best wishes and best wishes for the English New Year.

“At the beginning of the speech, I remember with deep respect and gratitude the great architect of independent Bangladesh, the greatest Bengali of all time, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation. We are honorably remembered for all the valiant freedom fighters and immortal martyrs, in whose honor we have acquired a sovereign nation and an independent nation, a sacred constitution and a red-green flag. I gratefully remember four national leaders – Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmed, M Mansur Ali and AHM Kamruzzaman – who led the Bangabandhu during the Liberation War.

‘I also remember those who have sacrificed at various stages of the country’s history to fight for the upliftment of our democratic struggle, language, culture, heritage and heritage. In honor of the three great men of Bangladesh’s struggle for realizing democratic rights – Sher AK Bangla AK Fazlul Huq, Mansoor Hossain Shahid Suhrawardy, the son of democracy and Maulana Abdul Hameed Khan Bhasani, the leader of the masses, whose contribution contributed to our struggle.

The President said, “The brutal murder of August 7 was the most scandalous chapter in the history of the Bengali nation. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with his wife Mohiasi Bangmamata Fazilatunnesa Mujib, three sons Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Jamal and Sheikh Russell, daughters Sultana Kamal and Parveen Jamal Rosi, his younger brother Sheikh Abbat and his younger brother Sheikh Abunia. Family members, Awami Jubo League founder Sheikh Fazlul Huq Moni and military secretary Brig. Jamil Uddin Ahmed. I remember them all with a very sad heart and I prayed for the forgiveness of their souls to the Most Merciful God.

I recall with deep sorrow the Awami League’s devotees, including women and women, who were martyred in the grenade attack aimed at Sheikh Hasina, the August 27 public meeting.

Leader-staff. I pray to Almighty Allah for the forgiveness of their souls.

I also remember with deep respect the distinguished persons we lost in various fields of national life last year. Among them are Hon’ble Opposition Leader of the 11th Parliament and former President Hussein Muhammad Ershad, prominent politician and Member of Parliament. Md. Yunus Ali Sarkar, prominent politician, hero freedom fighter and honorable parliamentarian, including Moinuddin Khan Badal, politician, former minister, former parliamentarian, hero freedom fighter, language soldier, poet, literary, journalist, artist, filmmaker, filmmaker, filmmaker, filmmaker Painter and social worker

President Abdul Hamid said, “The eleventh national parliament was formed through free, fair and neutral elections on December 27 with the participation of all political parties and the responsibility of running the country was laid on the present government.” The government was formed for the fourth time under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, gaining an absolute majority with the overwhelming support of the people of Bangladesh. The current government, under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is committed to build the golden dream of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s lifetime dream of the Father of the Nation during the continuation of the last grand alliance by 2021.

The middle-income and the 20 are working to build a prosperous prosperous Bangladesh. The relentless efforts of the government have achieved tremendous success. Bangladesh has achieved all the qualifications to pass the class of developing countries. Bangladesh is now a role model of development in the international arena

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