The marriage broke

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Protidinnews Desk : The marriage was broken. Not a quarrel-hit. It was not always the case that they all had a respite. Nivedita did not have the chance to talk with her husband ever. Not working, social media Retirement means that the eyes of the eyes are on the screen of the phone. At the end of the widening of the distance, the decision to break the marriage is to take Nivedita

Nivedita is not alone, this is the case of Bhuri Bhuri now in the city of Kolkata. In the discussion of sociologists, the issue of husband and wife-only child’s family is now often referred to as silence. Not only is the mingling of the mud, but it is not. In the meantime, the mother of five year old boy has forgotten to bring her from school to death. After half-an-hour holidays, moms walk in the main teacher’s phone. It took more hours to reach the boy’s school than the house. As long as the child is in the crowd.

Housewife Esha again began to relate to Facebook for her involvement with Mom, a little tense. She has already posted several recipes from her mother’s recipes. They got hundreds of likes. But the goal is to go to the mother’s ear. Mother knew about the cooking of those cheeses. Ezra also deserved it.

But the recipe is not something to go outside of the family and friends of anybody. This is happening to many generations. Mohit or the identity of girls in the family of the girls in cooking joke That recipe is going out of the ‘evil’. Such is the faith of the mother As a result, now the mother can not trust the girl.

With the complexity of the social media, now the counciling session has started in the school-college-office. Any words or pictures can be found in the group of social media, and which is totally private, it is being re-examined by the councilors. Because one of the US university studies says, now it’s the biggest breakthrough in the case. A study report has found that, in the absence of a sense of where to say just what a word is, there are several marriage breaks each day. Such incidents in this city are not less.

In such a profession, the nurses’ friends have been worried about him. The reason is that he has been writing about social media in the social media for a few days. Friends have been barred but have not heard. Increased bitterness of marriage There are many issues related to the country’s psychology and psychology. A study report by Western Sydney University says that as the loneliness is increasing, the rise of the social media is increasing.

Again, the addiction towards social media is also growing lonely. As a teacher of sociology Abhijit Mitra said, “Loneliness is just about rising. If we can not separate the house and the outside, the society is in the hands of the phone on the hand, but that day will come. Now everyone wants to live happily on their own. Love to see and show that happiness from behind through society.

Does the relationship last forever? As a result, people are more alone. “His statement, if the children are not being made less aware of the mischief of the social media, the problem will be even more serious. Parenting consultant Pael Ghosh has already conducted workshops in various schools. He said, “Go everywhere parents say, keep the mobile out of reach of the child’s hands.

The most worrying of the mobile phones in their hand to try to fool the boys. If there is a little thought-packing arrangement in the place itself, then the tension towards the mobile is a little less. “But the problem is that most parents are now giving their mobile phones to their own advantage, in the hands of a half-two year old child.

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