What is the reason for the scarcity of Bangladesh in South Africa?

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Protidin Sports Desk : The Bangladesh cricket team has been inundated after playing in South Africa. Bangladesh has been badly defeated in all forms of Test, ODI and T20 format.

But before that, Bangladesh played very well for the past two years.
Missing or dropping a strong team like Australia, England, on their own soil.

The Bangladesh team reached the semi-finals in the Champions Trophy at home.

But why is this situation in Bangladesh in South Africa?

Former Bangladesh captain and cricket analyst Khaled Masud Pilot said the tragic defeat was absolutely unexpected.

But Bangladesh lost due to bad performance in all the batting, bowling and fielding departments.

In this case, the pilot has lost confidence because the pilot said that he could not win a single match in the entire tour.
The bowler did not bowl well, the batsmen did not score, the fielding was bad.

Was there any mistake in the election of the party? Responding to such a question, the pilot said there could be some problems in the team selection, but the team with which Bangladesh went to South Africa was able to win.
The pilot now feels that the players will get the chance to overcome this crisis at the forthcoming Bangladesh Premier League BPL.

The former captain said that it was known that the players of Bangladesh, especially in South Africa, would have difficulty playing in the conditions.

Because players are not accustomed to those conditions.
But players will have to work harder to play better outside Bangladesh in the next one day.

On the question of whether the leadership of the Bangladesh Cricket Board has been working as a pressure on the current election, the pilot said that the players are not worried, so the idea is that the players are not worried.

Because it does not belong to the players’ responsibility.
That’s why his advice is to win the game only if the players will win.

Bangladesh team played two Tests, three ODIs and two T20 matches in South Africa for more than a month, all of whom lost Bangladesh.

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