The food that keeps the body warm in winter

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Protidin Health Desk : Some foods play a special role to increase the body temperature. As a result, the fear of getting infected with small and large diseases decreases completely. If the temperature drops, our digestibility capacity starts decreasing. At the same time, temperatures in the body decreased. So the risk of getting infected with various diseases increases. Under such circumstance, some foods may cause the body to be prolonged.

Let’s see that all the foods keep the body prolonged-

1. Tilpati:
The sweet-sized food made from sesame and molasses plays a special role in keeping the body warm during winter. In fact, molasses on the one hand strengthen the body’s immune system, while on the other hand, keeping an eye on the temperature of the body, which does not decrease in temperature during the sesame. In fact, molasses and sesame play a special role in treating diseases like anemia.

2. Laddu:
If the laddoos made from plant juice, flour, sugar, ghee, nuts and cardamom can be eaten throughout the winter, then the fear of disease can be reduced considerably. Because the juice collected from the plant suddenly increases the body temperature. And the rest of the components play a special role in keeping the body free.

3. Orange lemon:
Vitamin C and such fruits are advised to eat more quantity in the winter. Because these two components play a special role in strengthening the immune system. Once again, immunity increases, then there is no chance of any disease being besieged.

4. Carrots:
Want to stay away from the grip of cough syndrome in the winter? If you want to eat gazers regularly Because these vegetables like orange lemon are also rich in Vitamin C. As a consequence of the introduction of the Gazette in Rose Diet, the risk of disease will be reduced. In addition to that, the body became energized from inside.

5. Tissue seeds:
Sprinkle the halo with the amount of chickpea like quantity. Then mix it with a little bit of molasses, nuts and papaya seeds. If you can eat this post throughout the winter, then there will be no other thought about the body. Because the components that are being used here are body-friendly. Not only that, this term made by TSI seeds plays a special role to meet the shortage of omega three fatty acids.

6. Chikki:
This tasty made by molasses and nuts is as tasty as it is also useful for the body. Because the molasses strengthen the body’s immune system on one side. On the other hand, the nut keeps the body warm. As a result, in all aspects the body becomes so tight that there is no danger of becoming sick.

7. Eggs with vegetables:
Each day, one egg will be eaten with omelet, any vegetables of choice. Then on the one hand, such as increasing the deficiency of protein, the body will increase its strength, on the other hand, eating stomach vegetables will increase the level of antioxidant in the body. As a result, the immune system will become so strong that there will be no other thought about the body.

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