The foods that do not eat before the exercises do not eat

April 2, 2018 3:54 PM0 commentsViews: 19

Protidin Health Desk : Modern people are much more health conscious. There are many efforts to keep yourself healthy, almost everyone. It is important to exercise at the body to keep the body healthy. But many people do exercise without knowing the right rules. And this is due to various illnesses. You may think, how can the body be bad even after exercising? If you do not exercise at the right rules, then it is bound to be sick.

To keep body healthy, such as athletics, such as emergency, more important than food. The body can be bad even if you do not follow the rules. Many people do not know what to eat before or after exercising. Know what you will eat and what to eat before exercising to keep your body healthy.

Experts say that before eating, there should be no gram food, fat food, spicy foods, foods that have high amount of fiber, even vegetables and carbonated drinks should not be eaten at all. Playing before eating these foods will become more sick rather than keeping the body healthy.

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