Find out the symptoms of sun stroke

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Protidin Health Desk : Started to warm. Rising sunny eyes So you should not be sitting in the house. There will be many needs to be out of the house. So the fear is that, at any time you may be attacked by San-Stroke. So beforehand, check out some signs that you have a sun-stroke.

If you see the body temperature rising out of the sun, then be careful. This is the primary symptom of sun-stroke.

If you see the sun shining in a heavy sun, then it is better to be careful. If he is vomited with him, then immediately take the doctor’s right. If you ever feel that the muscles of the body are becoming stagnant or muscle strength is lost, be careful.

Typically, there is tremendous sweat in the sun-stroke. Sometimes it may not sweat again.
Sometimes the skin of the body becomes red in sun-stroke. Although it is temporary There are also tension in the skin.
Blood pressure may increase.

Heart rate increases.
If the sun-stroke, the eyesight can be dull.

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