Your child is too fat? Can do that

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Protidin Health Desk : Obesity is increasing among children all over the world. But this trend in Europe’s Amsterdam Amsterdam is decreasing. In the center of a body practice in the city, Terrell Van Dyne, a school student, has been taking a sit-down exercise. Then he jumped a little longer and ran away. Her breathing has come in a while, and the heart is running louder.

But a nine-year-old child is laughing, because he enjoys having trouble. Amsterdam, one of the children participating in the program, took the program to improve the health of children.

According to the city’s health-weight program, the weight of obese children in the city has reduced by 12 percent.

A year ago, the school authorities told Terrell’s parents that their weight was excessive. Then he was included in the program.

The weight of all children in Amsterdam is now being regularly monitored. They are matched with their age and height to see if weight is OK. If someone gets extra weight, then it is possible to reduce it.

For example, Terrell was sent to Crystal Day Leicester, a child health care provider.

He has created a complete package for Terrell, including his diet list, schedule of exercise and determining a volunteer, who regularly visits him at home. All this is done absolutely free.

City authorities are keeping an eye on not only food but also on the living and physical activity of children.

Miz Crystal says, “The most important thing is not to talk in the conventional way, because everyone knows sugar or fastfoods are harmful to eat. So when a child is overweight, then he and his parents need to understand that where is the problem? ”

For example, in Terrell’s case, their parents can understand that eating unhealthy foods and returning from school to play computer games is one of the main reasons for this.

Tarele’s mother says, “Thanks to the city authorities, they have taken such initiatives. It’s working really well. ”

Children are also encouraged to ride bicycles and to participate in other sports.

However, most of the victims of America’s Obesity Obesity are children of poor migrant families, who come from Suriname, North Africa or Turkey. Now the city authorities are giving the most importance in these areas.

Meanwhile, obesity rates in children of this area have started to decline. In the last few years, this rate has dropped by at least 12 percent.

Like many migrant families in North Amsterdam, the soup made of vegetables and chicken is added to the menu. Regarding the process of cooking and cooking, they regularly consult the nutritionists.
Due to shortage of budget, local organizers, teachers, nurses, social workers have been added under this program. Who is making everyone aware of obesity.

Under this, primary school children are being taught to eat fruits, cabins and health food, as well as exercise.

As well as subway and sports venues, the ban has been prohibited from advertising unhealthy foods. In the shops and supermarkets, there is also a healthy eating campaign.

The benefits of these activities are already available. Authorities hope that their program will ensure long life and good health of the residents of the city. Source: BBC

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