How big a cigarette knows the dangers of sex life?

April 4, 2018 2:02 PM0 commentsViews: 230

Protidin Health Desk : We all see a tag line on cigarette packets, ‘Eating cigarettes is harmful to health’, but do you know that eating cigarettes does not harm health only, but also hurt your sex life.

Cigarettes of different types of breeds and different types of flavors do not leave the attraction of girls nowadays! So in a very natural way, gradually pushing ourselves towards depression gradually towards the next.

Doctors report that smoking causes tremendous pressure on our blood flow and thus harm the men’s erection. So, very naturally, they have become sad and depressed due to the loss of sex life.

Nicotine in the cigarette collects a lot of fatty acids in the body’s arteries. As a result, almost close the genital blood flow. Therefore, before smoking cigarettes for the second time, keep in mind that this smoking can also take away the tension of your sex.

On the other hand, do you know that your sex hormone affects the testosterone levels? Smoking, preventing the formation of sex hormones by increasing the value of carbon monoxide in the blood.

So smoking is not only the cause of stroke and cancer, but also the joy of your sex by taking away your life into darkness.

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