Medical treatment at cutting

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Protidin Health Desk : While doing various things in the house, you can cut the hands and feet or any other part of the body. There is a slight disorder that has to be overcome. And suddenly, we do not understand what to do in such a small accident, we often make mistakes. Knowing the right ways and not having to face such a problem.

Keep an eye on what happened when you cut them off. Take the injection of anti-inflammatory injections with the advice of the doctor if you spend some iron or rust.

If it is cut, wash it well in the first place. Many people clean the place with various perfume soap. Use it instead of anti-bacterial soap.

If the washing of a wound by washing a clean cloth or yard on it, the blood loss will decrease a bit. Cut sugar and put sugar in the face of wounds. Sugar grains help to tighten blood clots.

Keep the palm of your hands safe and pasteurized with ointments and medicines. When the bleeding decreases, put the ointment in the house at the place and cover it with a yard cloth.

Our practice of cutting cotton But when cotton is cut cotton, the fiber of cotton sticks to the skin, so instead of cotton, it is better to use gauze cloth instead.

If you want to take out light cutting, cover it in the bandage. But while staying at home, take some time to add ointment or medicines to the air in the wound. This will dry the wound quickly.

If diabetes is late, the wound is late in drying. But do not get hurt from someone who does not suffer from diabetes, consult a doctor for a long time. If you do not stop bleeding after cutting, tell the doctor if there is irritation in the skin.

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