Amara playing a lot of benefits

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Protidin Health Desk : Experts say, eating the seasonal fruits, the body is healthy. When you go to the market, it will be seen that the green color of water will bring water. Protein, calcium and iron are more in use than expensive fruit apple.

So you can choose it. Eat delicious tea-sweet taste. It can be made raw as well as delicious rice, chutney and jelly. Many cook as curry and eat it.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the role of the immune system is to prevent dental injury, toothache and blood flow, severe pain, difficulty in eating food, and tooth decay. Various types of viral infections, coughs, coughs and influenza are very beneficial.

According to Shamsunnahar Nahid, chief nutritionist of food and nutrition department of Bardem General Hospital in Dhaka, according to the information, eating lemon increases the taste. The acidic water is 83.2, the mineral 0.6, the iron 0.39, the fiber 0.1, the fat 0.1, the meat 1.1, the carbohydrate 15, the calcium 0.55 percent. The inventory contains lots of vitamin C, iron, calcium and fiber. Digestion plays an important role. Due to the abundance of Vitamin C, it increases the immune system. Vitamin C helps in blood clotting. The sick people come back with the taste of the face after eating it. It contains plenty of calcium. It is very useful in children’s physical structure. Removes the anemia.

Know me 7 times

1. Due to the abundance of iron it is necessary to eliminate blood loss.

2. Meat pesticides and cafeteria.

3. Remedies are removed from the diet.

4. The taste comes back, the hunger increases.

5. Useful to prevent indigestion and constipation.

6. Increase blood clotting capacity.

7. Works as an antioxidant.

As a result of this season, you can eat calcium or take advantage of it to protect from viral attack. The immune antioxidant will increase your immunity. This allows you to stay healthy easily.

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