What is the eating of beef?

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Protidin Health Desk : Our body structure is made through bone. Our skeleton is actually our body structure. This skeleton helps our body move accurately and correctly. But most of the people we do not know very little or indifferent about bone care. As a result of our ignorance and negligence, we do something that is harmful for our bones.

Osteoporosis currently has the most attention in bone diseases. Due to this disease, the bone strength of the bones becomes dry. But there are some foods that are especially responsible for the premature bone loss. But many of us have been feeding all this food without knowing themselves every day. Let’s know, some of the food or food ingredients that are deadly harmful to our bones-

1. Extra saline food-

Sodium chloride, which is called calcium from the body, weakens the bone. Chips, various fast food, raw food or salad mixed with salad are harmful for bone. In addition to eating excess salt in the diet, it is harmful for bones.

2. Soft drinks or soft drinks-

Everyone’s favorite drink soft drinks are constantly bone loss. These soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, which expands the body’s calcium through the piss. As a result, the bones continue to lose.

3. Caffeine-

Tea and coffee caffeine are also responsible for the bone loss. If tea or coffee drinks the level of compliance with the rules, then it is not very harmful. It should not be enough to drink tea and coffee over two cups a day.

4. Eating extra meat-

Meat is animal protein. Additional meat means extra proteins. This protein creates extra acids in the body, which is calcium inactivated to deactivate it. Thereby reaching the bone calcium less. It causes bone damage.

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