Onion juice to stop hair fall

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Protidin Lifestile : Many people know that onion juice prevents hairpox. However, all those who make a mistake, take out onion juice and rub it in the place of bald or short hair. But if you can use this same thing as a pack, then hair removal and bald problems will be completely removed.

There are a few more things mixed with onion juice. Then touch the hair. Following a few months of this procedure, you will get the desired results.

With a medium onion, peel off and peel well. Then blend it. Take out the juice of a chip in a thin cloth and apply it.

Cover the container with a thin cloth. Now heat two tablespoons coconut oil in a pan. Wait until it’s hot.

Heat a little oil in the oil and keep it warm. Wait for the cold to cool off the pan by gaining gas.

Mix this oil with onion juice. After mixing well, leave a few drops of lemon juice. The smell of onion will go away.

Now, hairstyles will be covered with a soft brush with a headpiece. You can take full hair.

After fitting, continue to massage with a few minutes. Please wait for one hour after the massage.

Then wash hair with shampoo well. After the shampoo, be sure to apply the conditioner.

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