How to remove period pain

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Protidinnews Desk : Pain during periods, pain, waist, and muscle problems, fatigue, and fatigue are very common. However, if the rules are followed by some rules, then the problem is solved. Find ways to relax without medication.

1. Yoga: Five days a week, 30-35 minutes of yoga, the problem of hormonal problems decreased considerably after 6 months.

2. Weight: It is very important to keep weight under control to keep periods difficult.

3. Avoid excess junk food, fast food or processed foods.

4. Adin Gingerel and Sogal reduce blood pressure. As a result, a lot of periods of troubles also decreased. So add ginger to the cooking to prevent excess bleeding and pain during the period.

5. Cinnamon powder is very effective in preventing the disease.

6. Vitamin D and Vitamin B add to the daily diet.

7. With 15 ml of apple sider vinegar each day, weight is reduced, blood pressure and insulin content are also regulated.

8. Pineapple can reduce the pain of the pineapple. Pineapple boobelin antinflammatory It has good reputation as a natural antidote.

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