Drink fat to reduce fat

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Protidin Health : Unconditional eating habits in the citizen’s busy life, life-style complications arise from many problems. Increased fats or rashes is one of them. Many more physical problems arise because of obesity. Cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease can be triggered from here. Doctors, therefore, advised to maintain weight regularly. Due to lack of time, regular diet or physical fitness is not enough.

Many people fall back into weight loss, without any expert advice, go for some of the usual diet, and the risk increases. Many give up eating bananas for weight loss. But phosphorus of the collar is a very effective result of muscle formation. So this wrong idea should be removed. Rather, it is possible to reduce fat by increasing the body’s metabolism, and it can reduce the fat of clay smuudi.

Made by mixing some of the available ingredients, this smooti made by the rules of daily routine reduces abdominal fat faster. Let’s know how to make this SmuDi-
Take a ripe banana, half a teaspoon of herring powder, half cup of fat flour, 2 tablespoons of protein powder, two spoons of flax seeds and a little coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients together and blend them together. Keep this smoothen in the morning breakfast. Make low fat or protein-rich breakfast with.

If you can not eat in the morning, you can also eat this honey while eating fruit. The ability to dissolve the body fat fat with muscle formation. So if there is no restriction on eating bananas for any other illness, then experts recommend that you keep your diet according to this samudhi.

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