Headache fat muscles away!

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Protidin Health Desk : We used to drink pancakela to remove the headache. But it is not good to eat pennykila in excess. Because this type of drug has multiple side effects, which gradually damage the body’s multiple organs. So do not relieve the headache and drugs. Rather, the ancient method can be used. The headache will be overcome –
1. The area around the forehead and the nasal is called the sinus area. If there is a pain in this part, then it means the finger in the nose where mosquitoes in the nails. Get comfort.

2. In this case, each finger should be mashed properly without removing the old finger.

3. The index finger and the thumb of the thoracic pressure will be done. Doing this will reduce the pain caused by the stress caused by the stress.

4. The palm and fingers of the two hands, but it will reduce the pain.

5. When pressing on the finger, the space should be lowered by 2 minutes. Thus, results 2-3 times in the same manner.

6. Before using this special method, choose a quiet environment where there is silence. If you make the place dark, you get better results.

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