3 herbal remedies for lip care

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Protidin Health Desk : Not only in winter, but in other times of the year, many people suffer from problems with lip cracking. Sparse lips spoil our outer beauty too much. If you do not agree with any sage then

If the lip bursts, irritation can occur, blood flow is not unusual. So instead of plating the stack of petroleum jelly on the lip all year round, the herbal solution is better. In it, the lips will be soft, the lips will be harmful chemicals too. Knowing three ways to take the lips in a herbal way –

1. Papaya:
Pair the papaya, then apply the lip as a mask. Papaya’s natural enzymes and hydroxy acids will release all the dead cells.

2. Rose Oil:
Mix a few drops of rose oil in a pancake Amand oil and apply it on the lips. If the lips are very dry, then add half a spoonful of milk in this mixture. Vitamin and Mineral Resin This extra layer of moisture to provide this pack to your lips.

3. Shiite Butter:
Raw Shiite Butter contains lots of moisture. Reducing dryness is not soft, soft to soften. Shiite Butter Shi’a Butter is very effective in maintaining the softness of lip and removing the color in the dark. Before going to sleep at night, apply coconut oil to Shiite Butter mixed with lip. In the morning the next morning, the lips will remain soft throughout the year.

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