The cause and solution of black spots under the eyes

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Protidin Lifistile Desk : “Mrs. Yasmin (pseudonym) has not been able to get good sleep since day one. It is upsetting. The mood and how it is getting irritated. But another problem that is obviously embarrassing to her is that it is becoming a sore under her eyes. Her color is a bit blurred and she is getting more and more noticeable.

Lately, Yasmin has stopped coming to the family, because everyone asks her about it. He feels more embarrassed about it. It is also a cause of his depression. What would make her suffer from this depression would be her sleep and the black spots under her eyes would go away, which is why come to the psychiatrist. The doctor showed but did not gain, it seems that the black spots are increasing. He wants to be saved from this embarrassing situation. ”

Whether the ink under the eye really knows its secret,

Sore spots can be seen under the eyes of some. They are concerned about this. Many times he is embarrassed to go to social events.

The skin under the eyes is very thin. When thin skin becomes more thin, the blood vessels below it become red and the red blood flowing through it becomes more apparent. As a result, the bottom of the eyes looks darker. As you age, the skin and muscles of the lower eyelids become progressively weaker, making it easier to irritate the bottom of the eyes by accumulating water and fat.

Many times after waking up in deep sleep there are swelling under the eyes. This is because the eyelids stay frozen for a long time during sleep, so some water under the skin can cause a slight swelling of the eyes under the eyes. However, after waking, the eyelids increase and the swelling of the water diminishes. It is like sitting on the pavement for a long time

There are various causes of darkening of eyes such as:

★ Aghuma

★ Tension

★ Stress

★ Allergies

★ Eye infections

★ Keep makeup longer

★ Know the age

★ Genetic

★ Eat extra salt

★ Sad, tired

★ Make extra cries

★ Fatigue, exhaustion

★ Anesthesia

★ Smoking or drug addiction
What to do What is the solution?

★ Ink under the eyes should be sufficient sleep since the lack of adequate sleep. An adult adult has to sleep for 3 to 5 hours.

★ Cold water shakes are relieved.

★ Many times soaking the tea bag in cold water and keeping it under the eyelids helps relieve some of it.

★ Avoid smoking

★ If he is allergic, he needs treatment.

★ If you have depression, stress, upset, seek psychiatrist’s treatment.

★ Eat less salt

★ At bedtime the head should be raised slightly on the pillow. There is some relief in this.

★ Quit smoking or drug addiction.

★ Don’t sleep at night with makeup.
Mrs Yasmin was really concerned about a family issue. He spent a few days dragging on it. As a result, a bit of dark feeling was coming under his eyes. And this dark feeling under his eyes was making him a little more embarrassed and depressed.

The whole thing is related to one another. He was counseled, not to worry about it at all. Avoid anxiety. He was assured that some days sleep would be gradually recovered from the dark under his eyes. He was given some home-based procedures and so that he could be relieved quickly.

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