Hot hot soup in the winter

January 22, 2020 10:16 PM0 commentsViews: 68
Winter is awake. It’s time to eat hot soup. Which will heat up. The cold will also ease the neck. Preparing the soup says Simple Cooking founder Nadia Natasha

Vegetable Chicken Soup


Chicken cookie: 1 cup
Carrot kuchi: half cup
Cabbage Cucumber: Half a cup
Cauliflower Kuchi: Half cup
Onion koli kuchi: half cup
Tomato kuchi: half cup
Chicken stock: 2 or 3 cups
Peppermint powder: 1 tsp
Lemon juice: 2 teaspoons
Cornflower: 1 tsp
Salt: Quantitative
Dhanapata Kuchi: As desired
Raw pepper: 2 tsp
Adabata: Half a teaspoon
Garlic Bata: Half teaspoon

Season the chicken with ginger and garlic cloves. Now with chicken stock in the pan, cook it with all the vegetables. Give it salt, pepper. Soak the cornflower in water. The day before pouring lemon juice, raw peppermint and coriander leaves. After all, reduce by 2 minutes and serve hot.

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