Messi in the Corona War!

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Protidin News Desk : Coronavirus 6 is now the only name of panic in the world In most of the countries of Europe now the situation is deplorable

The able-bodied are coming forward from their respective places. Some are standing up for the common man, some are giving huge sums of money to the government treasury. The stars of the stadium are not far behind. Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has donated 1 million euros to a hospital in Barcelona. Messi has extended a helping hand not only in Barcelona but also in his home country Argentina.

This time Messi did not go straight to the battle! A picture has gone viral through social media. As it turns out, Messi fell inside the hospital wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)! Raise both hands in a celebratory manner. On the back of the PPE is written in large letters, ‘Messi 10.’ So is Messi himself now serving in the hospital? The Spanish media did not publish any news about this.

There is nothing to worry about. Messi is under house arrest in Barcelona. The image that has gone viral is ‘Messi from Kolkata.’ Kolkata doctor Arup Mallick is a fan of Messi. At the hospital he is now engaged in coronary warfare. The fighter has marked the name of Messi to keep his PPE separate. In no way does he see his own battle as different from Messi’s on-field battle. Inspired by the Barcelona captain, Dr. Arup Mallick is working fearlessly.

Devrati Rana, his girlfriend in the same profession, is inspiring him. Addressing Mallick on his Facebook page, Debrati wrote, “The way Lionel Messi overcomes every obstacle on the football field … the way he scores goals and the way he is undefeated … this Messi has overcome all obstacles in his medical profession and can say for sure and will win. Above all ten lucky numbers. He must win. I am very proud of you. Stay safe and healthy and make others healthy. ‘

Disregarding the fear of death, doctors are treating patients with corona. They are the ones who have challenged the coronavirus. Their sacrifices to the people, to the world, are not like words. These are the real heroes of the revolutionary era who are singing the praises of humanity.

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