43 lakh corona-virus free in the world

June 17, 2020 1:09 PM0 commentsViews: 48

Protidin Desk : For the last six months, scientists, researchers, doctors and many ordinary people have been fighting against coronavirus. Millions of people are being held under house arrest for months in hundreds of countries around the world in fear of Corona. So far, the virus has killed 4 lakh 45 thousand 97 people around the world. But this time, human civilization is turning around little by little in the fight against this virus.

According to the World Meter, a total of 72,57,065 people have been infected with the coronavirus so far, of which 4,45,096 have died. However, there is hope that the recovery rate has increased compared to the corona attack.

So far, 43 lakh 8 thousand 649 people have recovered from corona. According to these statistics, the recovery rate is more than 52 percent of the world’s corona attacks. And about 10 times more people have recovered from the virus than from the total number of deaths. Source: G News

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