New Zealand suspends ties with Myanmar

February 9, 2021 10:46 PM0 commentsViews: 10

Protidin Int. Desk : New Zealand has suspended all high-level contacts with Myanmar over a military coup. Myanmar’s military leaders have also been banned from traveling to the country. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden made the announcement at a news conference on Tuesday. Jacinda Arden added that New Zealand would ensure its assistance to the project so that no assistance would fall into the hands of the military government or that they would not benefit from that assistance. “Our strong message is that we will do what we can from New Zealand,” Arden said. Earlier, New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaiya Mahuta said in a separate statement that New Zealand would not legitimize the military government. In a statement, he called on Myanmar’s military to release all political leaders and restore civilian rule. Earlier, on February 1, Myanmar’s military launched a military coup in the country and arrested political leaders, including President Win Mint and State Councilor Aung San Suu Kyi. At the same time a state of emergency was declared in the country for one year. The coup came after days of clashes between the military and the civilian administration over the November election results. The Suu Kyi-led National League for Democracy (NLD) won the election, which Tatmada also denied. Source: Reuters

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